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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Newly-Elected Arizona Americans Elect Party Yuma County Co-Chairs Rain Halligan and Elijah Sanchez Pledge to Make Arizona Less of a Shithole

YUMA, Ariz., Apr. 30 -

Rain Halligan and Elijah Sanchez, both of Yuma, were today elected co-chairs of the Yuma County chapter of the Arizona Americans Elect Party, and pledged themselves to "make Arizona less of a shithole."

Ms. Halligan, 28, a Yuma visual artist and LGBT activist, and Mr. Sanchez, bassist in a Yuma band, were elected at a meeting of party members led by state party leader Trey Young, and including party treasurer Dr. Irina Tereshkova, artistic director Richard Grayson, and first vice-chairwoman Buffy Lehman Auchincloss.

"Arizona as we know it is, like, totally fucked up," said Ms. Halligan.
Mr. Sanchez agreed, noting that the recent signing of a bill to forbid the destruction of weapons received in municipal gun buybacks is just the latest example of how "Arizona is seen as a laughingstock filled with right-wing assholes."

"Most Republican male legislators like guns because they're concerned about their small penis size," said Ms. Halligan.  "Jan Brewer must have a similar problem or something."

"The Arizona Americans Elect Party will change all that in the 2014 elections," said party leader Trey Young.  "We're looking for cool people to join us and for cool people to run as candidates.  Hopefully, we'll get some more of Yuma's 'natural aristocrats' like Rain and Elijah to become a part of Arizona's fastest-growing political party."

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