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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dr. Irina Tereshkova Selected as New State Treasurer of the Arizona Americans Elect Party

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz., Apr. 27, 2013 - 

Dr. Irina Tereshkova was today named Treasurer of the Arizona Americans Elect Party, one of Arizona's ballot-qualified political parties, and since its electoral debut last year, the fastest-growing party in the state. 

Dr. Tereshkova, 27, of Phoenix, was selected by the party's new Supreme Leader, Trey Young, who took office last night after winning a a leadership fight. She is also the Chief Financial Officer of Très Jeune, the holding company for various restaurant, media and financial enterprises of Mr. Young, who is also her fiancé. She graduated magna cum laude from Sarah Lawrence College and received her Ph.D. in art history from Stanford University. 

Mr. Young, 26, of Scottsdale, said he intends to make changes in the structure of the Arizona Americans Elect Party and part of that was bringing in someone versed in finance to be the group's first Treasurer.   Dr. Tereshkova also serves on the Board of Directors of The Buzzgawk Fund, the hedge fund where Mr. Young is managing partner.

"I'm sure Irina will do a magnificent job in terms of fundraising for Arizona Americans Elect," said Mr. Young. "Previously, the party was getting off the ground and we didn't pay much attention to money. But Dr. Tershkova can start the ball rolling in getting more high-powered donors to contribute to the party's coffers for the coming 2014 state and congressional elections." 

Richard Grayson, the party's Artistic Director, also praised Dr. Tereshkova from his hospital room at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, where he is being treated for a concussion. "Irina is filled with new ideas about how to raise money for the party," Grayson said. "I'm looking forward to seeing what she has mind to make the Arizona Americans Elect Party more effective."

In another change for Arizona Americans Elect, the party headquarters was moved during the night from Mesa to Paradise Valley and is temporarily being housed at the home of Jaden Parascandola, Mr. Young's stepbrother. 

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