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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Arizona Americans Elect Party Endorses Angel Torres and Haryaksha Gregor Knauer for State Representative

MESA, Ariz., Oct. 30 - Today the Arizona Americans Elect Party announced that it is endorsing Angel Torres and Haryaksha Gregor Knauer for State Representative in Legislative Districts 27 and 26, respectively.  The two candidates are running on the Green Party line, but now they also are candidates of the Americans Elect Party.

"We are delighted to endorse these two qualified candidates for the state legislature," said Richard Grayson, Supreme Leader of the Arizona Americans Elect Party and the party's nominee for U.S. Representative in Arizona's Fourth Congressional District. "Both have been activists in their party, their communities and the state for many years, and they will serve with distinction in a legislature that is currently dominated by insane extremists."

The Arizona Americans Elect Party had previously endorsed two other candidates for the State House of Representatives: Gerard Davis in Legislative District 24 and comedian Bill Maher in Legislative District 16.

Other Green Party candidates running with Americans Elect Party support include Daniel Pout and Thomas Meadows for the Arizona Corporation Commission and Mark Salazar for U.S. Representative in Arizona's Sixth Congressional District.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Arizona Americans Elect Party Thanks Mayor Mike Bloomberg for His Generous Gift

Arizona Americans Elect Party Gratefully Thanks Its Supporters in 2012 Election

MESA, Ariz., Oct. 21 -

Speaking this afternoon at the Arizona Americans Elect Party's secret headquarters in Mesa, the party's Supreme Leader, Richard Grayson, and Americans Elect Party nominee for Congress in Arizona's Fourth Congressional District, thanked those citizens and others who have been strong supporters of the party.

"These people have gone beyond being helpful and generous to really being the sparkplug that has done whatever sparkplugs do to get old-fashioned gas-powered automobiles going," said Grayson, who does not own a car.

Grayson listed the Arizona Americans Elect Party's benefactors and thanked each of them individually:
Elliot L. Ackerman Jackie Adams David Albertson Judy Albertson Neil A. Allen Melvin T. Andrews Kellen Arno Michael Arno Dr. F. Christopher Arterton David Aufhauser Daren Bascome Dr. C. Fred Bergsten Arthur H. Bilger David Binetti Gerald W. Blakeley Jr. Arturo Brillembourg Hilda Ochoa Brillembourg John H. Burbank III Mark Burnett Edward T. Colligan Charles R. Conn Dr. Denis A. Cortese, M.D. W. Bowman Cutter Charles H. Dallara Nathan Daschle Larry Diamond Andrew Doctoroff, Esq. Wendy Drake Esther Dyson Jessica Einhorn Michael Eisner The Honorable Mark Erwin Brian M. Findlay Alice Finn Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild Les Francis Dean Furbush Jennifer Glass Raymond Glendening Judith S. Goldstein Mr. Nihal W. Goonewardene Roderick M. Hills The Honorable Carla Hills Michael Horvitz Jerry Jasinowski Jim Jonas Dale E. Jones David King Gary Krisel Heide Lankeit W. David Lawson Lawrence Lessig Michael Lewitt Dr. Aaron Lobel Lee Lowenstein Bertil Lundqvist Sarah Malm Julia Malone Will Marshall Ms. Dale P. Mathias Rafael Mayer Cara Brown McCormick Mark McKinnon Morton H. Meyerson Ambassador John Negroponte Mark K. Nichols George Nolfi Deborah Winslow Nutter David M. Olsen Greg Orman Frederick Pakis Ambassador Mark Palmer Carol Perrin Robert Picard Jason Putorti Bruce Raben Jordan H. Rednor Joseph L. Rice Rob Richie Peter Alan Rinfret Nancy E. Roman Robert L. Rosen Kirk T. Rostron Richard Salomon Tom Sansonetti Dr. David E. Scharff Dr. Jill Savage Scharff Douglas Schoen Tom Serres Richard E. Snyder Dorothy Meadows Sobol Darry Sragow Henry A. Sweetbaum Dr. Lisbeth L. Tarlow Dr. G. Richard Thoman Lynn Thoman James Thomson George Vradenburg Ileana Wachtel The Honorable David M. Walker Lynda C. Webster The Honorable William H. Webster Edward L. Weidenfeld Sheila Rabb Weidenfeld William Wrigley Jr. Peter Arno Dimple Bhayani Nancy Blackmore Virginia Bosse Cynthia Burnette Grover Bynum Kahlil Byrd Kate Cantwell Brittanie Clement Jenna Cochran Lori Corder Wendy Drake Sam Edelen Brian Findlay Jackie Freeman Allison Grant Sam Haas Michael Hackett Drew Hazouri Kevin Heller Zach Hubbard Lindsey Jacobson Jeff Knighton Patricia Kramer Sarah Kroll-Rosenbaum Dagny Leonard Tanya Lervik Joshua Levine Jose Lugo Sarah Malm Ben Marcus Julia Malone Meghan Maloney Alan McGee Erin McKenna Kaitlin Murphy Katie Nunn Jess Overby Dan Pashman Justin Pinn Andrea Relopez Laura Rodriguez Ryan Ross Doug Schoen Jennifer Scullion Jeremy Shore Gourdin Sirles Alice Skelton Jordan Taylor-Jones Alisha Thomas Nick Troiano Ileana Wachtel Cara Webster Lynda C. Webster Cheryl Wheeler Blake Wright Michael Zuckerman

Arizona Americans Elect Party Endorses President Obama; Carmona for Senator; Dolgos, Grayson, Grijalva, Barber, Cobb, Kirkpatrick, Salazar, Sinema and Morgan for Congress; Pout, Gohl and Meadows for Corporation Commission

MESA, Ariz., Oct. 21 -

Today the Arizona Americans Elect Party announced its endorsements in the races for President and Congress, as well as for three seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Richard Grayson, Supreme Leader of the Arizona Americans Elect Party and an endorsed candidate for Congress in the Fourth District, announced the endorsement at the party's secret headquarters in Mesa.  

"I'm proud to endorse the entire Arizona Americans Elect Party slate, from President Obama and Rich Carmona for U.S. Senator, as well as our candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives," Grayson said.  "Although only Stephen Dolgos in the Eighth Congressional District and I are running officially on the Americans Elect Party, we are cross-endorsing candidates of other parties for the other congressional seats."

The Arizona Americans Elect Party endorses the following candidates in 2012:

President/Vice President: Barack Obama/Joseph Biden (Democrat)
U.S. Senator: Richard Carmona (Democrat)
U.S. House, District 1: Ann Kirkpatrick (Democrat)
U.S. House, District 2: Ron Barber (Democrat)
U.S. House, District 3: Raul Grijalva (Democrat)
U.S. House, District 4: Richard Grayson (Americans Elect)
U.S. House, District 5: Spencer Morgan (Democrat)
U.S. House, District 6: Mark Salazar (Green)
U.S. House, District 7: Joe Cobb (Libertarian)
U.S. House, District 8: Stephen Dolgos (Americans Elect)
U.S. House, District 9: Kyrsten Sinema (Democrat)
Arizona Corporation Commission: Daniel Pout (Green), Christopher Gohl (Libertarian), Thomas Meadows (Green)