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Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Arizona Americans Elect Party Coconino County Co-Chairs Holden Pham and Randa Hamid Commit Themselves to Party Platform Advocating Economic Justice

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., May 9 -

Arizona Americans Elect Party leader Trey Young today appeared at a press conference at Northern Arizona University to introduce the party's new Coconino County co-chairs Holden Pham and Randa Hamid and highlight the Arizona Americans Elect Party's commitment to economic justice.

Mr. Pham, 24, is a graduate student at NAU, working on his M.A. degree in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Communities in Flagstaff.  Ms. Hamid, 30, who received her undergraduate and law degrees from Yale University, also lives in Flagstaff, where she is a staff attorney in social policy with the Global Economic Justice Center.

"Both of these amazing young people will be an important part in our 2014 campaign not just for public offices from Governor on down in Arizona but also for our party's commitment to economic justice and to ending the scourge of income inequality and wealth disparity in our state and nation," said Mr. Young as he introduced the new county leaders.

The Arizona Americans Elect Party is the fastest-growing political party in the state.  Committed to social responsibility and economic justice, the party's first candidates, Richard Grayson and Stephen Dolgos, ran for Congress in 2012, and the party plans to run candidates in federal and state races in 2014.  Social activist J.L. Meader of Mesa has already filed to run as a candidate in the Americans Elect Party primary for Governor.

"We're going to get a lot of support in our fight for economic justice in 2014 as a continuation and adjunct to the Occupy movement," said Mr. Pham.  "With the rich getting richer, middle class wages are frozen in carbonite, and more of us are out of work or working harder and longer for less money, it's time to make a concerted effort to turn things around in Arizona."

Ms. Hamid agreed.  "We are living in difficult times, "she said. "As the same time we’re told that we can no longer afford the programs that have kept so many of us from falling into abject poverty, massive tax breaks are being given to millionaires and their corporations.  The Arizona Americans Elect Party understands that our country isn’t broke, the money is just in the wrong pockets."  

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