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Monday, November 19, 2012

Arizona Americans Elect Party Candidates for Congress Win Enough Votes to Displace Arizona Green Party as State's Fourth Political Party

MESA, Ariz., Nov. 19 - Candidates for Congress from the Arizona Americans Elect Party received the fourth highest total number of votes of any political party in the state's November election, displacing the long-established Arizona Green Party. 

"We are very proud of the Arizona Americans Elect Party voters and our candidates," said Richard Grayson, Supreme Leader of the Arizona Americans Elect Party and Americans Elect Party candidate for Congress in the Fourth Congressional District. 

Stephen Dolgos of New River was the 2012 Americans Elect Party candidate in the Eighth Congressional District. 

Arizona Americans Elect Party congressional candidates received a total of 6,423 votes, way ahead of the Arizona Green Party congressional vote of only 5,152. 

The Americans Elect Party is also the fastest-growing party in Arizona, increasing its membership by 60% in the past eight months. 

"We are planning to run a candidate for Governor and all state and federal offices in 2014, when we are assured of being on the ballot again," said Grayson. "You too can join the cool new party in town where everyone is welcome." 

The motto of the party is "Let's make Arizona less of a shithole."

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