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Friday, August 24, 2012

Secretary of State Ken Bennett Announces that the Arizona Americans Elect Party is STILL the Fastest-Growing Political Party in Arizona, with Almost 20% Growth Since March

MESA, Ariz., Aug. 24 - For the second time in two months, the office of Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett has announced the latest Arizona voter count showing that the Arizona Americans Elect Party has remained the fastest-growing political party in the state at the same time that every other political party -- Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Green -- again lost registered voters since June, as they had between March and June, and the number of independent voters also decreased.

Although every other party's membership declined in the two months since June, the Arizona Americans Elect Party grew by more than 5%, with nine new Americans Elect Party voters joining the fast-growing party. Since just March, the Arizona Americans Elect Party has grown by almost 20% -- 19.59%, to be more exact.

"Now there are 177 of us," said Richard Grayson, Supreme Leader of the Arizona Americans Elect Party and a write-in candidate for Congress in the Fourth Congressional District.

Stephen Dolgos of New River will be on the ballot as the first Americans Elect Party candidate ever to run on the ballot. Dolgos is running for Congress in the Eighth Congressional District. He is also Supreme Leader of the Arizona Americans Elect Party, as are all 177 party members, several of whom are running on the Americans Elect Party line for local offices in Cochise County.

"Any independent Arizona voter may join our Americans Elect Party members and vote in the Americans Elect Party primary this Tuesday, August 28," said Grayson. "You too can join the cool new party in town where everyone is welcome."

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